Balanced NYC

A curated community of some of the smartest, most creative people in NYC with a passion for living well.

What is Balanced NYC?

Balanced NYC is your home away from home. We're based out of a massive 3500 sq. ft. loft near Union Square, which acts as a place to work, hang out, meditate, hold events, and meet like-minded people.

Our community is built around 3 core beliefs:

  • People thrive in close-knit, supportive communities.
  • Life is about more than just career success. It's important to care for the whole self.
  • People are happier and make better decisions when they connect with themselves through mindfulness and self-reflection.

If you're looking for a community of well-rounded people who are doing interesting work (including entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, and academics), then Balanced NYC may be the right place for you, and we encourage you to apply below.

Here are some of the events to which our members have access:


Small, intimate, invite-only dinners with top local startup founders, artists, musicians, and academics.


Community meditation and yoga events led by teachers from places like the Brooklyn Zen Center.


Story-telling events & lecture series around topics such as relationships, mortality, and more.


Regular excursions out of NYC to reconnect with nature and provide time & space for reflection.


Leo Widrich

Leo is the Co-Founder of Buffer. He enjoys building a culture-driven company, learning about meditation and experimenting with fitness in and outside the gym.

Casey Rosengren

Casey is one of the founders of Hacker Paradise. He spends his time outside of work doing improv, meditating, and thinking about community.

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